National Water Week

National Water Week

Makybe Rise Primary School is proud to be a Registered Water Wise School.

The Water Corporation’s award winning Water Wise Schools Program focuses on teaching about water, spreading the water wise message into our community and celebrating National Water Week.

There are numerous ways we are incorporating the Water Wise message at Makybe Rise PS.

One of the key ways we are incorporating the message is through various Science units. In Term Two the Year One students investigate water, rain and the weather to develop an understanding of where water actually comes from. The Year Two’s focus on the water cycle and ways we can use water at home and around the school and the various ways we can then save water.

This term, the Year Five students will be learning about adaptations of plants to harsh climates, and incorporating the importance of being water wise; and the Year Six students will be learning about desalination. In Week Eight we are fortunate to be undertaking a free incursion run by the Water Corporation for our Year Six students on the topic of desalination.

I recently received a number of resources from the Water Corporation, including some posters, which will be displayed in both the Science classrooms and around the school. We really want students to develop an understanding of the importance of saving water.

As part of our Water Wise program here at Makybe Rise PS we are educating students about water usage and water saving tips. Next week (October 16 to 22) is National Water Wise Week. As part of this initiative students will be undertaking activities in their Morning Meeting to gain a better understanding of what it means to be water wise and ways they can help to save water. There will also be a display in the Library and posters around the school reminding students of the small things they can do to help save this precious resource.

For more information on the Water Corporations water wise project go to:

For more information on National Water Week go to:

Wishing you a happy National Water Week!

Tammy Standley

Science Teacher

Makybe Rise PS Waterwise Coordinator

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