Science Week

Science Week

During Week 4 we celebrated Science Week at Makybe Rise.  We enjoyed an incursion from Scitech that involved two sessions (a show and a workshop). The junior primary children learned all about how toys and everyday objects move. They experimented with ramps covered in different materials to explore how friction can slow cars down. The senior students discovered how humans have battled gravity, drag and the laws of physics to get airborne. The challenge for each group was to build a flying machine using a helium balloon and steer it through hoops using an air pump. It was definitely harder than it sounds!

On Friday we held our annual whole school event. This year it was balloon car racing. There were some absolutely amazing designs, some that went long distances, others that were speedy, some that hardly moved and some that went backwards! We had a lot of fun racing them and it was great to see so many children getting involved. A selection of the balloon cars will be on display in the library, the Science rooms and the front office for the next couple of weeks. If you get a chance, please pop in and have a look at these incredible inventions. Well done to everyone that made a balloon car and took part on the day!

Ms Sarah Alderdice and Ms Tammy Standley

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