Seek a Leak Week

Seek a Leak Week

Welcome to Seek a Leak Week!

The week of the 18th to 24th of March is the Water Corporations ‘Seek a Leak Week’. Leaks can be extremely wasteful and costly. Did you know that a leaking toilet can result in nearly 3 buckets of wasted water a day! This week we are asking students and families to get their detective gear on and ‘Seek a Leak’. Attached are a poster and an activity sheet that guides students to go through the house looking for and recording leaks.

I encourage families to have a go – you might find you’ll save some precious water by finding a leak you weren’t aware of. I hope that students will then submit their completed Leak Sheet to me in Room 9 by Friday where a few will be chosen for display and a draw will be held to select a winner who will receive a prize.

Happy Leak Detecting!

Mrs Standley and the Sustainability Committee



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