Year One Excursion

Year One Excursion

Over the last few weeks all the Year One students have been on an excursion. We have been to the WA Fire Station Museum and the State Library.

First our class got organised and then we went on the bus to the Library. We had our recess after the long drive. When we went into the Library we met our guide who led us around. We learnt about the past and present and that the Library has more than books in it. It has tapes, maps, newspapers, photos and other treasures. We also found out that the Library has a children’s section.

After the Library we went to the Fire Station Museum. We watched a video about fire safety and drew an escape plan. We learnt how to check our doors, open them safely and get out of our homes if there was a fire. We also learnt to meet our families at our letter box.

Next we explored the Fire Station Museum. We loved playing in the fire truck and dressing up in a fire fighters uniform.

“My favourite part of the day was being the boss of the fire truck” said Elsie.
“I liked going on the lift with the whole class at the Library” Fynn.
“I liked going in the fire truck” Stefanie.
“I liked seeing the treasure chest at the Library” Rylind.
“I liked trying to escape from the house. I had to go out the window” Loleta.
“I liked when T’neyah and I felt the door and got to open it because it was cold” Ayla.

At the end of the day we caught the bus back to school. We had a wonderful day and learnt a lot.

Written by Room 15

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