ACLOA W3 Project – Whole School Action Day

ACLOA W3 Project – Whole School Action Day

At Makybe we are proud to be involved in a number of external initiatives working towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment for our children. One of these is the Eco Schools Program. As part of this we have been involved in the ALCOA W3 Project. We took on Waste as our initiative and have implemented a number of projects as part of this. This project is sponsored by ALCOA and overseen by the Keep Australia Beautiful Council. Alcoa donated a sum of money to schools involved to take on a project involved in sustainability.

We have purchased and are still in the process of purchasing a number of resources for school on sustainability. Classes have been doing an excellent job of recycling used paper in their classrooms and at the end of each term the class who has recycled the most paper will be receiving a trophy in recognition. As part of the project we are holding a whole school action day next Thursday, June 22.

On Thursday morning students are asked to bring their recycling to school that they collect in their household this week. We will be collecting the following items between 8:15am and 8:30am:

  • Aluminium drink cans (rinsed)
  • Plastic drink bottles (rinsed)
  • Plastic milk bottles (rinsed)
  • Old mobile phones (as part of Mobile Muster)
  • Used printer cartridges

Stan the Can from the City of Rockingham will be here to greet students as they drop off their recycling. The City of Rockingham has also been very generous loaning us an additional six recycling bins for the day, two for collecting cans, two for collecting milk cartons and two for soft drink and juice bottles.

As well as the action day and in-school recycling you would have noticed the weekly web posts sustainability tips. We hope these are helping around home and that everyone gets involved next week, bringing in their recycling to ensure a successful day. We plan on weighing the recycling to see how much we are collecting to help the environment.

Thanks for your support,

Tammy Standley on behalf of the Sustainability Committee

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