Cybersafety Presentation

Cybersafety Presentation

On Thursday February 25th 2016 the Makybe Community was fortunate to have Paul Litherland (Surf Online Safe and former WA Police Officer) present a number of sessions on cyber safety. Paul covered a range of topics including social networking, online predators, cyber bullying, device use and image sharing. The presentations were the perfect balance of informative, engaging and entertaining. Paul drew on his extensive background in the area of cyber security to give a number of – sometimes amusing, sometimes frightening – anecdotes and real life examples of the risks and dangers involved with the increased role of the internet in our lives.

Paul tailored each of the presentations to the audience, staff, students and parents but the core message of all presentations remained – Parents, educators and students need to travel the internet journey together.

Key take away points included

  • Parents and educators need to be aware of the opportunities and dangers the internet presents so they can better understand and address the challenges faced by students today.
  • While internet has a raft of benefits for a student’s education and entertainment, it is imperative we use it wisely to limit the risks that we, as parents and educators, and students are exposed to.
  • Communication is the key – open and safe communication between parents and students, educators and students and among students is the key to keeping our students safe online.

If you were unable to attend the parent presentation but would like further information please visit Paul’s website If you would like further information about Makybe’s Health Curriculum, and how cyber security is being covered please contact the School on 9523 0709 or

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