National Water Week Winners

National Water Week Winners

Wow! What wonderful Water Wise Warriors we continue to be here at Makybe Rise. I am very excited to announce that for the second year running we have won the Water Corporations ‘National Water Week Competition’.

The entry the school submitted was from Miss Anderson’s Year 5 Class. Their response to the questions ‘Which part of the water cycle is interrupted when we remove plants from an environment?’ and ‘If lots of plants are removed from an area, what effect might this have on the community and the people who live there?’ was as follows:

When we remove plants from an environment it interrupts the Transpiration part of the water cycle. There would be less rain, this would lead to less drinking water or water to grow new plants. Transpiration is the evaporation of water from the plants, this accounts for 10% of the water cycle.
If lots of plants were removed from an area it would affect the community greatly because we need plants to take in carbon dioxide and convert this to oxygen as well as provide shade.

The school has won a visit from Kep the leak detection dog. Kep is currently completing his training in New South Wales and will be visiting the school in Term 1 2018. We are hoping he will be able to visit an upper school assemble (as it was the Year 5 class who won) and the do a demonstration checking for water leaks to a small group of students. If you would like to follow Kep’s progress, click on the following link.

Further details will be provided once they are received from the Water Corporation early 2018.

Thank you again for your support and keep being water wise!


Mrs Standley and the Sustainability Committee

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