The School Curriculum and Standards Authority recognizes that “Despite its status as a world language, a capability only in English is not sufficient, and bilingual or plurilingual capability is the norm in most parts of the world.” (WAC:L, K-10 Outline, SCSA).

German language classes commenced at Makybe Rise Primary school in 2018 and are being taught as a specialist subject to students from Year 3 to Year 6.

Learning a language enhances literacy skills, improves memory and brain function. It helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, fosters respect and understanding of other cultures and has been found to improve the overall performance at school. Language lessons at Makybe Rise Primary School involve hands-on activities, collaboration and movement to create rich and engaging learning experiences.

German classes focus on the two strands Communicating and Understanding and the six sub strands socialising, informing, creating, translating, reflecting, systems of language, language variation and change, and the role of language and culture. These sub strands are designed to be taught in an integrated way with the aim to enrich students’ learning. At Makybe Rise Primary School, we achieve this by creating cross-curricula links with other learning areas, including Literacy, Science and Numeracy.

The Languages learning area at Makybe Rise Primary School is enriched by the implementation of AVID strategies across all classes through the use of AVID student success strategies. In German, we apply WICOR (or FLOGS in German) strategies regularly to enhance each student’s learning as well as supporting students to develop success skills for life-long learning.