Student Wellbeing

We acknowledge that the need to remain away from the daily gathering of our school community poses some unique wellbeing and academic challenges. However, we are very confident that we can stay connected, learn and grow through this experience.

In order to address some of these challenges it will be important that you know the following:

  • Each day our teachers will be send out a Connect notice to share with you the teaching and learning program for the day and our most up to date information 
  • Each day our Class teachers will provide a welcoming Connect notice to their students (see Home Learning Introduction page). This will help provide a sense of routine and structure similar to a normal school day. This will also provide an opportunity for students to connect and check-in with their peers.
  • Staff will communicate with families routinely, and will monitor their emails between 8:30am and 3:00pm.
  • We recognise that establishing balance will be important to the mental health of students. Each day will be designed to ensure age-appropriate screen time occurs, along with opportunities to work away from the computer. Maintaining fitness routines and physical activity, mindfulness and working both inside and outside will contribute to this balance.

Keeping Physically Fit

Why is Physical Activity important?

Being physically active is a very important component of health and well-being. A person should be completing 60 minutes of Physical Activity a day. Regular and adequate levels of physical activity (i.e. of moderate intensity) help you to lead a happier and healthier life and is important for:

  • Healthy growth & development
  • Muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Energy balance
  • Reducing the risk of major illnesses
  • Increasing your chances of living longer
  • Improving mental health

Some physical activity is always better than doing none and is an important part of each and every day.
Being active doesn’t have to cost money or require facilities, and there are many ways it can be incorporated into your daily schedule.

Our school wants to help our students to remain in good physical and mental health by providing you with some well researched and reputable links and information. Please access the links to help your child to keep their body moving and assist with their overall wellbeing.

Further information

Below you will see some links below that will connect you to sources of reliable information, videos and app suggestions that may assist you to maintain or improve your level of Physical Activity – and can be used anywhere!

Explore the options, find what works for you.