Science is everywhere in today’s world.  It is part of our daily lives and at the heart of everything we do. Whether we are gardening or cooking, reading a map, using a computer or recycling, we are using scientific principles. Advances in technology and science are transforming our world at an incredible pace and it is certain that our children’s future will be filled with leaps in technology we can only imagine. Being “science literate” will no longer be just an advantage but an absolute necessity.

At Makybe Rise Primary School, Science is taught as a specialist subject with children in Pre-Primary to Year 7 receiving one hour of instruction per week. Science lessons involve engaging hands-on activities, collaboration and using the investigation procedure followed by scientists all over the world.  Children take part annually in two incursions and an exciting whole school Science event.

In line with the Australian Curriculum, Science is taught across three interrelated strands: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills. The Science Understanding strand is comprised of four sub-strands: Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth and Space Sciences. Quality teaching resources aligned with the Australian Curriculum are used to plan and implement relevant and engaging lessons.

AVID organisation strategies and collaboration techniques underpin the Science program at Makybe Rise Primary School. Students also develop a range of AVID inquiry skills. They learn to hypothesise, plan, investigate, collect data, analyze and draw conclusions. These skills are essential in supporting the development of life-long learners who can make informed decisions about local, national and global issues.