Classroom Placement Policy

Class Placement Policy


At Makybe Rise Primary School, every child, every day experiences a genuine sense of belonging and success. Key in achieving this is the need for every class to be homogenous with respect to academic performance, social development and gender balance.


Step 1. The Administration Team establishes classroom structure options for the following year based upon anticipated enrolments, historical data and the need for flexibility for growth.

Step 2. School staff members currently teaching each cohort confer regarding classroom placements for the following year. They take into consideration these criteria:

  • Academic profiles
  • Behaviour profiles
  • Social development needs
  • Previous class placements
  • Special needs such as twins, Schools Plus Resourcing

Lists are submitted to the Principal for final ratification.

Class lists cannot be published until directly before the start of the new year due to enrolment growth and consequent classroom changes.