Makybe Rise Primary School Application For Enrolment

NOTE: Children may be enrolled in Kindergarten in one school only, either public or private. In the event that statements made in this application later prove to be false or misleading, a decision on this application may be reversed. Information supplied may need to be checked by the school. For enrolment in a Western Australian Public School: Students in the compulsory years of schooling who are already enrolled at the school do not need to lodge a new application for that school year.


Childs Name Details(Required)
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Name of person enrolling student(Required)
Eg. Mother, Father, Guardian, Grandmother etc. (Independent Minors and those aged 18 years or older may apply on their own behalf)
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Seeking enrolment into(Required)
Year of enrolment(Required)
2023 Pre Kindergarten Orientation Program
If this enrolment is for Kindergarten in 2023, you and your child are invited to our Pre Kindergarten Orientation Program. This program will consist of 6 x 2 hour sessions. These will take place on a Thursday or Friday, from October 13 to November 18, 2022, with morning or afternoon sessions. Please indicate if you are interested in attending.
Please nominate your preferred session day and time, unfortunately we can not guarantee we will be able to accommodate your preference.
We will confirm start date after enrolment forms are completed
If applicable, year level child currently enrolled in eg Yr 2


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Original, Certified copy or Extract. (Principals will refer to guidance 3.5.1 of the Enrolment Procedures where evidence is not provided)
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This must be a print out from medicare
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    Please attach proof of residency. This must be one of the following * A lease/rental agreement if the family is renting (with a minimum 3 months to cover commencement) * Power – latest account * Gas – latest account * Statutory Declarations if no other documentation available (1 x Statutory Declaration signed by the owner of the property, accompanied by a current Rates Notice; 1 x Statutory Declaration signed by the occupier of the property, accompanied by 3 x pieces of evidence showing the address; this property must reside in our local intake area)
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    Copy of Drivers Licence or Photo ID with a signature of person enrolling child.


    Is your child a permanent resident of Australia?(Required)
    If your child is NOT a permanent resident of Australia, please indicate
    Date entered Australia
    Visa Sub Class No


    If your child was NOT born in Australia, you must provide evidence of the following
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    If your child is a temporary visa holder, you must also provide the following
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      Are there any Family Court Orders regarding the day to day or long term care, welfare and development of the child?(Required)
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        Is your child subject to access restriction?(Required)
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        Are there brothers or sisters attending this school
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        Has your child ever been excluded from a School?(Required)
        Please indicate if you your child has any disability or medical conditions(Required)
        This information will assist the school Principal with considering whether any specific or additional resources are required and available to assist the school with providing the best educational program for your child.
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          Declaration: In Completing this online application, I declare the information and statements provided in this application for enrolment are true and accurate in relation to the child above(Required)

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