Makybe Rise Primary School is a local merit selection, state of the art Independent Public Primary School committed to excellence in academic and social achievement. We firmly believe that every child can learn and that every child brings a contribution to our community.

At Makybe Rise Primary School, we are committed to building a genuine sense of community partnership and belonging. Teachers, students and families all enjoy the mutual respect and caring essential for growth and learning. We work together to accomplish our shared mission of growing friendly, accomplished and active children who know they are part of something bigger than themselves. Our community is committed to work together in ways that create a safe and nurturing space for our children to grow and learn. We believe that whilst our children are at the centre of all that we do, we are all central.

The moral compass for our school is set by the school’s four TRIBES Agreements: attentive listening; appreciations; right to participate; and mutual respect. We believe that the social/emotional curriculum is equally as important as the academic curriculum, ensuring that every child every day experiences collaboration, inclusion and harmony.

At Makybe Rise Primary School, every child every day experiences a sense of significance, belonging, fun and challenge, graduating into the wider community with the knowledge and skills to achieve their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

For more information, please contact us using the form under the Contact Us above. Alternatively, please call us on 08 9523 5900