“Tribes” is a school wide, research-based process that maximises academic, social and emotional development and learning for our students. At Makybe Rise Primary School we aim to develop a resilient and caring learning community. This is established by encouraging the use of the four Tribes Agreements in all interactions.

The Four community agreements are:

Attentive Listening:
Paying close attention to one another’s ideas, opinions and feelings to let them know they have been heard.

Appreciations/No Put Downs:
Treating others kindly. Stating appreciations for unique qualities, gifts, skills and contributions and avoiding hurtful behaviours.

Right to Participate/Right to Pass:
We encourage children to participate fully in lessons, while appreciating that there may be times when they want to watch and listen. We understand that the more we participate, the more we gain.

Mutual Respect:
Affirming the value and uniqueness of each person by recognising and appreciating individual differences and offering feedback that encourages growth.

The Tribes process not only establishes a caring environment for cooperative learning, it also provides structure for positive interaction and continuity for working groups both in the classroom and between the staff. We build this community through research-based, active learning strategies that help build inclusion and encourage conflict resolution. These same strategies also assist with problem solving and collaboration. They activate three categories required for building resilience by promoting inclusion (caring), influence (participation and being valued by others) and community (positive expectations and support).