Health Education at Makybe Rise is engaging and insightful for all involved! Classes from Pre-Primary to Year 7 participate in a one hour Health lesson each week where the emphasis is on developing knowledge and understanding of Health concepts.  Particular focus is placed on the enhancement of Interpersonal and Self-Management skills, which are necessary for building effective relationships and making informed decisions for healthy, active lifestyles.

Each year, students participate in a number of exciting programmes and activities including:

  • Road Safety Awareness incursions (in coalition with the School Drug Education and Road Aware Service Centre for National Walk to School Day)
  • Life Education incursions
  • Participation in the Big Crunch
  • Jump Rope for Heart fundraising event.

While predominately focussing on the development of safety and protective behaviours, the Health program focuses on topics relevant to specific year groups and as such, themes range from nutrition to drug education and decision-making.

The Friendly Schools Plus program is a whole school approach, which runs alongside Health lessons. This programme is designed to promote resilience in children using empowerment strategies, clear communication, and awareness of “safe” behaviours.

Whole school AVID instructional strategies are embedded in Health lessons and are designed to promote a growth mindset, organisational skills, goal setting and ongoing personal reflection.