Welcome to the Makybe Rise P&C Association. What is the P&C Association I hear you asking?

The P&C Association is the Parents and Citizens Association and everyone on it is either a parent of a child at Makybe Rise or someone from the local community who supports our school.

Great! So now you know what we are, I bet you want to know what we do? The short answer is what don’t we do! The P&C is an integral part of Makybe Rise Primary School. We were formed to assist the school by raising funds that we then put directly back into the school as well as support the teaching staff and admin in their efforts.

The P&C is overseen by a hard working executive committee. This small but busy group of people help to keep the P&C running smoothly. You will often see them asking for volunteers, selling raffle tickets or making pikelets in the canteen. You might be interested to know they are all volunteers too!

Did you know that during 2013 and 2014 we raised approximately $90,000? This money has been used to purchase valuable resources for your child’s educational experience. The P&C worked in conjunction with the school to provide air conditioning for the undercover area. We also provided funding for some ICT equipment for students to use. How exciting!

It is so easy to join the P&C and it is a fantastic way of being able to be a part of your child’s education. When the school is thriving, so are our kids. To join up simply download a form here or grab a form from the front office and fill it in. Return it along with $1 to pay your membership (the minimum is $1 but we gladly accept all donations.) It’s that simple! You will be notified when the P&C meetings are taking place and you get to come along and be a part of the decision making and planning that goes into raising funds and adding resources to our school.

We encourage every parent at Makybe Rise to become a member of the P&C. We are always looking for new ideas, fresh faces and of course, much needed volunteers to help with fundraising activities. Even if you have just one hour a week to spare, we will find a job for you. Whether it is volunteering in our canteen, helping with the walking school bus or dancing with the kids at a disco, we appreciate any help we can get. It really is light work when we have many hands.

You can ‘like’ our Facebook page to stay up to date with what is going on at the school and on the P&C and if you have any questions or wish to volunteer your time, our contact information is below and on our Facebook page as well.

We look forward to working with you and encourage you to come along to our next meeting to meet our friendly team.

Our contact details are: