Friendly Schools Plus

Friendly Schools Plus is an internationally recognised, whole school initiative that helps reduce bullying and ensures that each child feels safe at school. It is an evidence-based program that has been developed in Australia.

The Friendly Schools Plus program is designed to explicitly teach Social and Emotional skills in five key areas:

  1. Self-awareness skills – Students will learn to recognise and understand their feelings and value their strengths and abilities.
  2. Self-management skills – Students will learn to manage their emotions in appropriate ways and learn strategies to develop resilience.
  3. Social awareness skills – Students will learn to identify and be respectful of the feelings and perspectives of others
  4. Relationship skills – Students will learn to make and maintain friendships and deal positively with conflict.
  5. Social decision-making skills – Students will learn to consider the consequences of their actions and make thoughtful, effective decisions.

(Cross, Thompson, & Erceg, 2013)

The Friendly Schools Plus program fits in perfectly with our school motto, ‘Every Child Every Day’ in that it provides strategies to enhance students’ wellbeing and ensure every child in our school feels safe and valued. This allows students to be happier and more engaged in their learning.

For more information about the Friendly Schools Plus program please speak to your child’s classroom teacher or see


Cross, D., Thompson, S., & Erceg. E. (2013). Friendly Schools Plus. Moorabbin, Victoria: Hawker Brownlow Education